BBQ Buffet Riverside 2


please choose 3 appetizer

Potato salad
with macadamia nuts

Tomato salad
with red onions

Romaine lettuce [vegetable]
with parmesan dressing

Penne salad
with chorizo ​​and grilled vegetables

Cucumber salad
with dill

Lentil salad
with feta cheese

Chickpea salad
with coarse curry and grated carrots

main dishes

please choose 3 main dishes

Pork tenderloin skewers
with red onions and tomato oil

Chicken drumstick (boneless)
filled with fruity paprika

Turkey steaks
with lemon pepper and marjoram

Turkey skewers
with pineapple, smoked bacon and sage

Thuringian pork neck steak
from the beer and onion marinade

Thuringian grilled sausage

Nuremberg grilled sausage

Vegan grilled sausages

Eggplant Steaks
in harissa sesame marinade

side dishes

please choose 1 side dishes

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables 
with halloumi cheese and herbs

Small baked potatoes 
with herb cream cheese

May it be something more?

Additional appetizer
from the selection (+2,00€ p. Person)

Exchange one appetizer
Cucumber salad

with sesame oil and coriander (+1.00 € per person)

Pasta salad
with grilled antipasti and rosemary (+1.00 € per person)

Feta salad
with peppers, fennel and olives (+1.00 € per person)

Couscous salad
with cucumber, datterinos and lime dressing (+1.00 € per person)

Salade a la Nicoise
with tuna, egg and tomato (+2.00 € per person)



May it be something more?

Additional main dishes
from the selection (+3,50€ p. Person)

Exchange one dishes
Chicken breast

in lime and coriander marinade (+2.00€ per person)

Turkey steaks
with garlic and thyme (+1.00 € per person)

Vegetable skewers
with zucchini, aubergine, mushrooms and bell pepper (+2.00 € per person)

Beef steaks
with thyme and cubeb pepper (+3.50€ per person)

Hot smoked salmon
with laurel (+3.00€ per person)

Shrimp skewers
with ginger and coriander (+4.00€ per person)

Jackfruit Burger
with avocado and coriander salsa
(+2.50€ per person)

Small baked potato
with hummus and baba ganoush
(+€2.00 per person)

Smoked and grilled tofu
(+1.50€ per person)



May it be something more?

Additional side dishes
from the selection (+3,50€ p. Person)

Exchange one side dishes
Vegetable skewer 

with courgette, eggplant, mushrooms and pepper (+2,00€ p. Person)

Rosemary potatoes 
(+0,50€ p. Person)



please choose 4 sauces

BBQ sauce with whiskey

Spanish Aioli with Green Olive Oil

Cottage cheese with rocket pesto

Herb butter

Tomato Butter with Nam Prik

Indian mango chutney

Tomato ketchup

Bautz’ner mustard


please choose 3 desserts

Semolina flummery 
with cherries

French apple tart 
with apricot glaze

Lemon biscuit 
with sour cream

Chocolate cake baked in a glass 
with almonds and rum

Cream cheese mousse 
with crispy passion fruit seeds

Flamed pineapple 
with brown sugar

May it be something more?

Additional sauce
from the selection   (+1,50€ p. Person)

exchange one sauce
BBQ sauce 

with honey (+0,50 € p. Person)

Passion fruit mayonnaise 
(goes perfectly with fish) (+0,50 € p. Person)

Pumpkin ketchup 
with Hokkaido pumpkin (+0,50 € p. Person)

Cottage cheese 
with basil pesto (+0,50 € p. Person)

Hot peanut sauce 
with coconutmilk (+0,50 € p. Person)


May it be something more?

Additional dessert
from the selection (+2,50€ p. Person)

Exchange one dessert
Fruit salad 
(+0,50 € p. Person)

Coconut parfait 
with passion fruit and kiwi (+1,00 € p. Person)

Fresh strawberries 
with whipped cream (from June) (+1,50 € p. Person)

Red fruit pudding 
with vanilla sauce (+1,50 € p. Person)

Chocolate mousse 
with orange oil (+1,50 € p. Person)


Price per person:

from €37,00 net

including crockery, cutlery, staff & equipment