Buffet Mediterran Gourmet


please choose 4 appetizer

Potato salad [veg]
with macadamia nuts and coarse mustard dressing

with garlic, sage and sherry vinegar

Turkish bulgur salad
with saffron, cucumber and pomegranate seeds

Chorizo ​​& Manchego
with sage and honey


in spicy tomato sauce

Greek feta
with olive oil

Tomato salad
with red onions

Romaine lettuce
with parmesan dressing

Italian salad of toasted Tuscan country bread with datterinos and red onions

Corn salad
with zucchini, ancho chili, mint, rocket and red bell pepper

Spanish Borlotti Bean Salad
with bacon and sage

more appetizer


please choose 1 soup

Lebanese Red Lentil Soup
with cumin

Tomato and carrot soup
with marjoram croutons

Cold Spicy Spanish Gazpacho
with olive oil and croutons

French fish soup
with cognac

Italian minestrone

main dishes

please choose 3 main dishes

from the young pig

from saddle of veal

Braised veal steaks
Greek style

Turkish Lemon Chicken
with peppers, olives and fennel

Gnocchi [vegetable]
with olives & rocket

Spanish roast pork
with sherry plums

Stuffed eggplant

turkey steaks
in caper-laurel jus

Classic Italian Lasagna

Fried vegan spinach dumplings
with fried onions, olives, pointed peppers in nutmeg-almond milk 

Vegan gourmet balls
in red wine root jus with fried mushrooms and rosemary 

more main dishes

May it be something more?

Additional appetizer
from the selection (+3,50€ p. Person)

Exchange one appetizer
King prawns

in pesto (+4,00 € p.Person)

Italian Parma ham
sliced live (+2,50 € p.Person)

Spanish Serrano
ham sliced live (+2,50 € p.Person)

Fried sardines
with lemon and bay leaves (+1,50 € p.Person)

Nicoise salad
with tuna, egg and tomatoes (+2,00 € p.Person)


May it be something more?

Additional soup
from the selection (+2,50€ p. Person)

Exchange one soup
Carrot soup

with coconut milk and ginger (+1.00 € per person)

Asparagus soup
with croutons and fried peas (+1.00 € per person)

Cold Cucumber Soup
with walnuts (+1.00 € per person)

Palatinate Wedding Soup
with meatballs and egg custard (+3.00 € per person



May it be something more?

Additional main dishes
from the selection (+6,50€ p. Person)

Exchange one dishes
Roasted salmon fillet

with dill velouté (+3,00 € p.Person)

Sea bream fillet
in pastis sauce (+3,50 € p.Person)

Spanish venison roast
with laurel & brandy (+4,50 € p.Person)

Tuscan lamb stew
with rosemary and olives (+3,50 € p.Person)

Italian Spinach Lasagna 
with Pine Nuts (+2,50 € p.Person)

Live fried gnocchi 
with sage & parmesan (+3,50 € p.Person)


side dishes

please choose 5 side dishes

Cauliflower au gratin
in the French way

Fried zucchini
with garlic

Fried green asparagus
with pine nuts

Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables
with halloumi and herbs

Green beans
with dried tomatoes

spring carrots
with almonds and honey

Paprika vegetables

Fennel vegetables
with pasta

Baked potatoes

Potato gratin [veg]

Rosemary potatoes

Parsley potatoes

French fries

Wild rice mix

Turkish Butter Rice

Greek pasta rice
with tomatoes

more side dishes


please choose 3 desserts

Cream Catalan

Spanish Almond Cake

Semolina flaming
with spiced pears

Greek yogurt
with honey & nuts

Chocolate mousse
with orange oil

fruit salad

Lemon Biscuit
with sour cream

French apple tart
with apricot

Spanish Almond Cake

May it be something more?

Additional side dishes
from the selection (+3,00€ p. Person)

Exchange one side dishes
Baked fennel

with dried tomatoes (+2.00 € per person)

Stuffed tomatoes au gratin
(+€2.00 per person)

Greek lemon potatoes
(+1.00 € per person)

Mediterranean Mashed Potatoes
with olive oil and herbs
(+€2.00 per person)



May it be something more?

Additional dessert
from the selection (+2,50€ p. Person)

Exchange one dessert
Spanish churros

(+1.00 € per person)

Greek milk cake
with lemon sauce (+1.00 € per person)

Turkish Baklava
homemade (+2.00 € per person)


Price per person:

from €46,00 net

including crockery, cutlery, staff & equipment