Christmasbuffet Icestar


please choose 3 appetizer

Lamb’s lettuce and rocket
with raspberry dressing and cinnamon croutons

Marinated Salmon
with honey mustard sauce

Potato salad
with macadamia nuts and coarse mustard dressing

Leek salad
with juicy Christmas ham and cranberries

Beetroot and yellow beets
with walnut oil

Red cabbage salad
with raspberry dressing and rocket

Fried carrot salad
with honey dressing and cayenne pepper

Celery salad
with smoked trout fillet and red onions

more appetizers


optional, not a fixed part of the buffet

Pumpkin Soup [veg]
with croutons and cress (€2.50 per person)

Tomato soup
with croutons and thyme (€2.50 per person)

Cauliflower cream soup
with lemon oil and rocket (€2.50 per person)

Potato soup [veg]
with herb croutons (€2.50 per person)

White tomato cream soup
with baked peas (€2.50 per person)

Curry Chicken Soup
(€2.50 per person)

Red lentil soup
with foamed cinnamon milk (€2.50 per person)

main dishes

please choose 3 main dishes

Duck legs and breast
with currant jus

Roasted leg of lamb
with rosemary and young garlic

Stuffed Turkey Breast
with pine nuts and orange sauce

Rolled roast
from country pigs in apple sauce

Roast pork neck
in light mustard sauce
with glazed pears

Vegetarian nut roast
with root vegetable jus

Catfish fillet
in white wine sauce

Wild boar stew
with juniper cream

Chicken leg
in star anise jus

more main dishes

May it be something more?

additional salads
from the selection (+2.50€ per person)


May it be something more?

additional main courses
from the selection (+6.00€ per person)

Exchange of a main course
Live carved suckling pig crust roast (+7.50 € per person)

Live carved Christmas ham (+7.50 € per person)

Live carved roast beef (+7.50 € per person)


side dishes

please choose 6 side dishes

Baked potatoes

Bavarian herb [vegetable]

Fennel vegetables
with pastis

Baked Butter Potatoes
with roasted onions

Fried napkin dumplings

Fried bacon potatoes
with marjoram

Stuffed tomatoes au gratin

Glazed Brussels sprouts
with chopped chestnuts

Green beans
with small spice tomatoes

Braised Kale

Carrots and Turnips
glazed with honey

Potato gratin

Small potato dumplings

Poppy seed spaetzle [veg]

Parsley potatoes

Creamed Savoy Cabbage

Red cabbage

Sweet Potato Gratin [Vege]
with nutmeg

Jerusalem artichoke compote
(Jerusalem artichoke is the tuber of a type of sunflower and tastes like potatoes)

Wild rice mix

Yorkshire pudding
(traditional British side dish with roast beef)


please choose 3 desserts

British Christmas Trifle

Fruitcake [veg]
with wine foam sauce

Burnt Chocolate Cream

Flamed orange semolina flaming

Classic Christmas Stollen

Gingerbread mousse
with chocolate chips

Jewish Honey Spice Cake

Red fruit jelly
with vanilla sauce

Vanilla Flaming
with cinnamon cherries

Warm Chocolate Cake
with cinnamon cherries

Wintry apple compote
with vanilla sauce

May it be something more?

additional side dishes
from the selection (+3.00€ per person)


May it be something more?

additional desserts
from the selection (+2.50€ per person)


Price per person:

from €39,00 net

including crockery, cutlery, staff & equipment