Tiny Space

Tiny Space - just the way you need it...

A Tiny Space at events acts as an intimate retreat in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Despite its modest size, it offers a perfect solution for short meetings, private conversations or as an individual quiet area. With high-quality equipment and a sophisticated design, it provides a comfortable and productive environment for small groups or individuals during the event despite the limited space.

If you are interested, please contact your event manager.

...and where you need it.

Small but mighty - tiny space with a big impact

Tiny Spaces for events offer an intimate, welcoming environment that fosters a sense of connection among guests. Despite their limited size, they create an atmosphere for shared experiences and encourage interaction. Their compactness allows you to focus on what is important - personal conversations, presentations, discussions or business meetings. Their adaptability means they can be designed in a variety of ways and still achieve a significant presence that creates unforgettable moments for events.

Compact space for large presentations

Tiny Spaces offer remarkable intimacy at events and allow for more direct interaction between participants. Their limited size also promotes a focussed atmosphere and draws attention to what is happening, be it a presentation or a discussion. They also allow for flexible and customisable use, suitable for different purposes and event formats. Their versatility makes them an attractive space for creative design and innovative event concepts.

Versatile use - your Powerspace for every occasion

Special presentations are created in a Tiny Space at events: small but focussed. The limited space requires clear, powerful content that creates an immediate connection between the speaker and the audience. This proximity enables intensive interaction and creates a unique, focussed experience for all participants.
In short, using a Tiny Space for presentations at events provides a unique opportunity to create deeper interaction and a more immersive experience for all participants.


from 1650€ net per day

Intimate atmosphere and retreat