Equipment catalogue

Here you can find out what equipment is included and what you can add for your event if you wish. 


Banquet table round/cornered

Dimensions: round diameter 150cm / square 180×76

Price including

Banquet chair

Banquet chair_1

Classic banquet chairs without covers

Price including

Noble parasols

Large umbrellas for the terrace dimensions:350x350cm

Price Included in Sea of Lights and Lighthouse (ALVA Lounge electrically retractable sun awning)

Bose L1 Compact System

Bose Box_1

Sound system

Price included in ALVA and Lighthouse (sea of lights HK sound system)

Music system

And DJ technology

Price including

HD beamer incl. screen

HDMI & VGA connection

Price including


Bar table with cover

80cm / 5x included

Price 28,00€ net / piece

Bar table design

115cm (H) x 69cm (W)

Price 28,00€ net / piece

Bar table Darwin white

Bar table Darwin white

105cm (H) x 70cm (W)

Price 28,00€ net / piece

Bar table Darwin black

Bar table Darwin black

105cm (H) x 70cm (W)

Price 28,00€ net / piece

Standing table bridge

200cm (W) x 110cm (H) x 80cm (D)

Price on request

Dinner table angular

200cm (W) x 75cm (H) x 80cm (D)

Price on request

Conference table

120cm (W) x 40cm (H) x 75cm (D)

Price included for meetings and conferences

Cover for conference table

160cm (W) x 50cm (H) x 76cm (D)

Price 10,00€ net / piece

Nizza chair white

Classic chair

Price 3,50€ net / piece (Alva Lounge included)

Swivel Chair Fiber Chair

Height 49cm

Price 65,00€ net / piece

Side table plain, white

Height 53cm, width 45cm

Price 15,00€ net / piece

Sitzcube 40, weiß

Höhe 40cm, Breite 40cm

Price 20,00€ netto / Stück

Sitzcube 80, weiß

Höhe 40cm, Breite 80cm

Price 40,00€ net / piece

Lounge klein, weiß

10 Sitzplätze und 2 Beistelltische

Price 190,00€ netto / Set

Lounge groß, weiß

18 Sitzplätze und 4 Beistelltische

Price 340,00€ netto / Set



Revolving Board Magnetic Equipment Catalogue Faro-group

Dimensions: 150cm (W) x100cm (H)-Specially lacquered, mobile & rotatable 

Price 150,00€ net / piece

Metaplan wall

Dimensions: 96 cm (W) x 149 cm (H)

Price 35,00€ net / piece



incl. 10 sheets

Price 35,00€ net / piece

Folding frame canvas

Price on request

Handheld microphone

1x included

Price 75,00€ net / piece

Lectern design

With LED lamp

Price 79,00€ net / piece

Lectern Goslar

With microphone & LED lamp

Price 199,00 net / piece

LED TV 32" with stand

with HDMI & USB connection
Other sizes on request

Price 175,00€ net / piece

LED TV 55"

with HDMI & USB connection
Other sizes on request

Price 275,00€ net / piece


suitable for beamer connections: VGA and HDMI

Price 49,00€ net / piece

Stage elements

Available in various sizes and colours

Price on request


High chair

Price 5x inclusive

Chair Covers White

Price 4,00€ net / piece

Seat cushion white

Matching the classic chair Nizza

Price 1,00€ net / piece

Moderation case

Price 40,00€ net / piece

Photo Box / Photo Booth

Price from €419.33 net / piece

Red Carpet

Width 100cm

Price 10,00€ net / running metre