A lunch tailored to your needs

For your event, you have the opportunity to choose from different types of lunch and put together your own lunch exactly as it suits your requirements and ideas.

Choose from four variants:


1 Soup

1 Main dishes

1 Dessert


1 Soup or salad

2 Main dishes

2 Desserts


1 Salad

1 Soup

2 Main dishes

2 Desserts


1 Salad

1 Soup

2 Main dishes

1 Wokstation

2 Desserts

15,00€ NET p. P.

21,00€ NET p. P.

25,00€ NET p. P.

29,00€ NET p. P.


Tomato salad
with chives and raspberry vinaigrette

Cucumber salad
with sesame oil and coriander

Feta salad
with peppers, fennel and olives

Chickpea salad
with coarse curry and grated carrots

Penne salad
with chorizo ​​and grilled vegetables

with grapefruit, watercress and mint

Potato salad
with apples, gherkins and mustard seeds

Couscous Salad
with cucumber, datterinos and lime dressing

Biryani rice
with raisins and almonds

Small salad buffet
with lettuce, toppings and two dressings

more appetizer


with croutons and thyme

Cauliflower soup
with lemon oil and rocket

Potato cream soup
with herb croutons

Indian lentil soup
with coconut milk and baked celery

main dishes

Chicken breast
with cauliflower au gratin and rosemary potatoes

Chicken roulade
with broccoli and creamy noodles

Poultry fricassee
with pieces of asparagus, green peas and rice

Red Thai Curry
with chicken, bamboo, green beans and jasmine rice

Pollock rolls
filled with vegetables in white wine sauce and wild rice mix

Cod fillets in shrimp dill sauce
with steamed potatoes

Small pork steaks in rosemary jus
with green beans and mashed potatoes

Roast pork in apple sauce
with red cabbage and roasted potatoes

Königsberger dumplings in caper sauce
with steamed potatoes

Beef goulash
with fruity paprika and butter spaetzle

Vegetarian Indian Curry
with lentils, carrots, peas, peanuts and rice

Vegetarian braised aubergines
with cashews, chickpeas, yoghurt sauce, herb baguette

Baked Hokkaido pumpkin
with corn and almond milk

more main dishes


with olives, rocket, Parma ham and Grana Padano

Fried Mediterranean Vegetables
with thyme, almonds and gnocchi

Fried asian noodles
with vegetables and small shrimp

Fried chicken strips
with bamboo, raisins, yellow curry sauce
and rice

Penne rigate
with green asparagus, pine nuts and green olive oil


Watermelon salad
with grenadine and mint

Apple Cake
with cream

Semolina flamery
with currants


Pear cake
with pistachios

Red fruit jelly
with vanilla sauce