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Virtual 360° tours of our locations

All our locations are available as 360° tours and can be visited virtually. In the tours, you will find further impressions and information on the premises in the respective side menu.

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The former granary in Berlin is one of Germany's most sought-after event locations, hosting around 400 events a year.

White Spreelounge

The White Spreelounge consists of 3 individual event locations in Berlin-Oberschöneweide. A unique venue for sophisticated events.

RIVO Spreeterrassen

The Spreeterrassen restaurant at the historic "May-Ayim-Ufer" landing stage offers an exclusive ambience for groups of up to 100 people.

Personal tour

If you would also like a personal viewing, there are two options:

Viewing appointment from Monday to Friday

Personal visit with your contact person

Please book an appointment for this in the signature of your contact person.

Viewing appointment on a Saturday

Personal visit with an available contact person

Please book an appointment for this in this Appointment overview.