Cakes and pies

Finest handmade cupcakes

Very, very, very tasty cupcakes with great attention to detail!

Delicious art out of passion

Our creations are inspired by personal culinary experiences
around the world. I usually remember special places through a certain dish, a flavour or a smell. 

Capture these feelings and memories and turn them into a small edible
It is our intention to transform this experience for you.

We are here to bake you happy!

Master confectioner Sarina Roscher 
& Team 



The individual cut cake with approx. 20 portions starts at 130€ (incl. VAT) for a semi-naked cake without additional decoration. The decoration will be charged according to expenditure.


Independent composition of the tartlets from 8 different varieties.
Individual tartlets: price per piece €4.90 - €6.90


3-tier etagere for up to 35 cupcakes
Rental fee 18,00€ plus deposit

Do you want a customised gateau to go with the tartlets?
register as soon as possible. We accept a maximum of 3 cakes per day.
If you only want cupcakes, please let us know 2-3 months before the wedding.
Up to 20 cupcakes can also be ordered at short notice (up to the day before) in the online shop.

Request Sarina Patisserie

Request Sarina Patisserie

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