Buffet Oberbaum

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Our recommendation: Decide in advance on our "Starter„.

It is ideal to shorten the waiting time for your guests between arrival and the start of the buffet or menu and is a very popular choice among our clientele. It is made of fluffy aromatic slices of ciabatta bread and served with hummus, rocket salad and herb dip. Served
is placed in bowls and on the tables together with bread plates and knives. 
Price: 6,50€ net p. person


Leaf salads
Toppings | Croutons | Dressing
 A, H, K

Anti Pasti 
Grilled vegetables | two kinds of hummus
F, G, J, L

Farmer's salad  
Tomato | Feta | Olive | Cucumber | Onion

23055772_m bulgur salad

Main courses

Braised beef shovel
Oven vegetables | mashed potatoes
E, F, D


"Pork Belly"
Pointed cabbage | Mashed potatoes
E, F, D, L

Included in the buffet:

Sage | Butter
F, I, 

Steamed salmon
Spinach leaves | roasted quinoa
A, B, L


Panna cotta
F, I

Chocolate brownie
Berry ragout
F, I, A

Price per person:

from 39,00€ net

including crockery, cutlery, staff & equipment

Status: 24 November 2023*

*Prices are subject to change at short notice. As we do not wish to reduce our quality standards in the event of unforeseeable price increases for energy, goods or personnel, the above price may be subject to percentage price adjustments. We endeavour to avoid these adjustments as far as possible.


Allergen Licence plate
Cereal products (containing gluten) A
Fish B
Crustaceans C
Sulphur dioxides and sulphites D
Celery E
Milk and lactose F
Sesame seeds G
Nuts H
Eggs I
Lupine J
Mustard K
Soya L
Molluscs M
Peanuts N