Menu variations II

Enclosed you will find our menu selection. You are welcome to combine the menus with each other.
Feel free to let us know your final selection in person or via the digital event planner.

Menu I

Ikarimi salmon
ColourfulRadish | MisoYoghurt | NashiPear

Main course
Smokin and Juicy Beef
Colourful chard | Cream of celery

Strawberries Trifle 
Orange compote

23055772_m bulgur salad

Menu II

Steak Tatar
Quail egg | Sweet potato

Main course
Loup de Mer
Romanesco|Yellow Beetroot
Chickpea cream

Nemesis Chocolate Cake  
Gooseberries|Vanilla ice cream

Price per person:

from 49,00€ net

including bread selection, crockery, cutlery, staff & equipment