Spreespeicher Coffee Table

Fine, delicious and exquisite - Our Spreespeicher coffee table

For your event, you have the option of choosing from different packages and variants of coffee specialities. Make a completely individual selection and determine the number of your chosen products yourself or alternatively choose one of our packages. In the package "4 parts p. person", for example, you make a selection of 4 products for each of your guests. 

Put together your catering exactly as it perfectly suits your requirements and ideas - your guests will love it! 

Choose individually from three packages:

4 parts p. person

5 parts p. person

7 parts p. person

7,00€ NET p. P.

8,50€ NET p. P.

12,50€ NET p. P.

Buffet price includes crockery, cutlery, staff & equipment.

Cakes & Pastries

Small colourful macaron 

Delicious Eclaires 

Mini Donuts 

Delicious marbleGugelhupf 

Creamy cream puffs 

Chocolate brownie 

Pastries, Tartlets & Trifles

Californian Cinnamon Rolls 
with vanilla icing

Delicate Lemon Meringue Tartlets 

Creamy Petit Fours 

Delicate Strawberry Cream Tartlet 

Raspberry yoghurt trifle 

Praline trifle 
with Amarena cherries

Apple Cheesecake Trifle 

Live prepared specials

French crêpes 
with cinnamon sugar, apple sauce and nut nougat cream

Delicious fried semolina slices 
with hot blueberries

Crispy warm Belgian waffles 
with cream and cherries

for 40 guests / optional single from 5,50 € p.p.

Sheet cake

Plum crumble cake 

Apple crumble cake 

Cherry crumble cake 

Apricot crumble cake 


Chocolate cake 

Butter crumble cake 

Poppy cake