Midnight snacks

Midnight snacks

All our midnight snacks cost €6.50 net per person
Please select a maximum of 2 different options

Chilli con carne D,E

Chilli sin Carne D,E

Currywurst D,E

Cheese variation | bread | grapes F,A,H

Hint: Prices are subject to change at short notice. As we do not wish to reduce our quality standards in the event of unforeseeable price increases for energy, goods or personnel, the above price may be subject to percentage price adjustments. We endeavour to avoid these adjustments as far as possible.


Allergen Licence plate
Cereal products (containing gluten) A
Fish B
Crustaceans C
Sulphur dioxides and sulphites D
Celery E
Milk and lactose F
Sesame seeds G
Nuts H
Eggs I
Lupine J
Mustard K
Soya L
Molluscs M
Peanuts N