Fingerfood & Snacks

Fine, delicious and exquisite - snacks and finger food

For your event, you have the possibility to choose from different packages and variations of finger food & snacks. Make your own individual selection and determine the number of products you choose yourself, or alternatively choose one of our packages. For example, in the "3 pieces p. person" package, you make a selection of 3 products for each of your guests. 

Put together your catering exactly as it perfectly suits your requirements and ideas - your guests will love it! 

Choose individually from five packages:

2 parts p. person

3 parts p. person

4 parts p. person

5 parts p. person

Parts p. person

5,80€ NET p. P.

8,70€ NET p. P.

11,60€ NET p. P.

14,50€ NET p. P.

17,40€ NET p. P.

Please note: The minimum order quantity per variety is 20 pieces.

Finger food

All of our fingerfood particles cost 2,90€ net p. person

Finger food cold

Smoked duck breast tartare with grilled patisson and wan-tan crisp

Smoked salmon on honey bread and with horseradish milk

Confit cold water shrimp
on coconut milk

Roast beef cannelloni
with rocket

Pickled fillet of beef
on toasted tomato ciabatta

Wild boar ham
with balsamic cherry and aniseed bread

Brie de Meaux Cube

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Vegetarian cold

Cantaloupe melon balls
with maldon salt and mint

Grilled parmesan aubergine 
on toasted tomato ciabatta

Grana Padano Mousse 
with orange blossom jelly on spice bread

Ricotta praline 
with olive bread crust and dried South Tyrolean apple

Mozzarella skewer 
with cherry tomato and basil leaves

Courgette cannelloni 
with goat cheese and crispy olives

Little la Rat Potato 
with cucumber tartar and fresh dill

Radish crostini 
with jalapeno butter and chives

Chevre Praline 
in toasted pumpernickel
with wafer-thin curry pear

Anti-pasti skewer 
with olive and pickled mozzarella 

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Finger food warm

Strammer Max en Miniatur
with quail egg in tramezzini Parma ham coat

Polenta Arcade 
with Serrano ham and juniper oil

Beef saté
with spicy peanut sauce and coriander

Terriyaki chicken skewer

Vegetarian warm

Crispy Wantan 
Filled with sprouts, coriander and cashews

Small rosemary potatoes 
with ratatouille and parmesan chip

Baked buffalo mozzarella 
with fried basil and paprika sugo

Fried tofu 
with maple syrup, aubergines, cashews and spring onions

Mini Samosas 
with potatoes, peas and cinnamon

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Cocktail bread & Co

Cocktail bread with fennel salami

Cocktail bread with Parma ham
and Grana Padano

Cocktail bread with camembert 
and grapes

Cocktail bread with grainy cream cheese 
and pesto

Cocktail bread with Italian salami

Cocktail bread with goat cheese 
and fig mustard

Small gratined crostini
(mixed: pineapple ham, broccoli, salami, olives)

Hearty puff pastry strudel
with tomatoes, spinach and ricotta

Small pretzels 

Small cheese pretzels 

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Wholemeal bread

Hearty wholemeal bread
with boiled ham and salad

Hearty wholemeal bread With cheese 
and salad

Hearty wholemeal bread with salami
and salad

Hearty wholemeal bread with smoked salmon
and horseradish and lettuce

Hearty wholemeal bread with rocket salad 
and sunflower seeds and grilled peppers

Baguette sandwich

Small baguette sandwich
with boiled ham and salad

Small baguette sandwich with cheese 
and salad

Small baguette sandwich with salami
and salad

Small baguette sandwich with smoked salmon
and horseradish and lettuce

Small baguette sandwich with rocket salad 
and sunflower seeds and grilled peppers

2,90€ net p. person

3,50€ net p. person

3,50€ net p. person


Small wraps
with turkey breast and pineapple

Small wraps
with smoked salmon and horseradish

Small wraps
with rocket, parmesan and country ham

Small wraps
with sunflower seeds, beetroot and rocket salad


Tomato quiche 
with olives and parmesan

Spinach quiche 

Sweet snacks

Small Danish pastries 
with different fillings

Small lemon and chocolate muffins 

Bircher muesli 
with almond milk and grated apples

Greek yoghurt
with walnuts and honey
Fruit salad

Sheet cake

Plum crumble cake 

Apple crumble cake 

Cherry crumble cake 

Apricot crumble cake 


Chocolate cake 

Butter crumble cake 

Poppy cake