Midnight snacks

Classic Currywurst
with small roll (6,00€ p. person)

Nuremberg sausages
with cabbage and bread roll (6,00€ p. person)

Spicy Chili Con Carne 
 without meat (6,00€ p. person)

Hungarian goulash
with spaetzle (6,00€ p. person)

in a french fries coat (6,00€ p. person)

Vegetarian potato goulash
with spaetzle (6,00€ p. person)

Berlin jacket potatoes
with herb curd cheese and linseed oil (6,00€ p. person)

Spreespeicher's jacket potato
with roasted bacon and onions
(6,00€ p. person)

Cheese platter international
(bread & butter incl.) (4,00€ p. person)

Prices include crockery, cutlery, staff & equipment. Minimum purchase: 20 portions. Served buffet style, flying service available on request, please contact us.