BBQ Buffet Riverside 1


Please choose 3 starters

Potato salad  i
with macadamia nuts
 2, e8, j, l

Tomato salad  j, l
with red onions

Cucumber salad  l
With dill

Lentil salad  g, j, k, l
with feta cheese

Chickpea salad  i f, g, j, k, l
with carrots and coarse curry 

Would you like a little more?

Additional starters
from the selection (+€2.00 p. person)

Exchange of an appetiser
2, 3, 14, a, a1, l
with chorizo and grilled vegetables

(+1,00€ p. person)

Romaine lettuce  f, g, j
with parmesan dressing

(+1,00€ p. person)

Feta salad  6, g, j
with pepper, fennel and olives

(+1,00€ p. person)

Couscous salad  a, a1
with snake cucumber, datterinos and lime dressing (+1,00€ p. person)

Salade a la Nicoise i f, h, j
with tuna, egg and tomatoes (+€2.00 p. person)


Main courses

Please choose 3 main courses

Thuringian neck steak from pork 16, j, k
from the beer onion marinade

Turkey steaks
with lemon pepper and marjoram

Chicken leg (boneless)
Grilled with fruity paprika

Nuremberger rib steak sausages 


Thuringian Rostbratwurst i 8, j, k

Vegan grilled sausages i

Aubergine steaks  i d
in harissa-sesame marinade

Would you like a little more?

Additional main course
from the selection (+3,50€ p. person)

Exchange of a main course
Chicken breast

in lime-coriander marinade (+€2.00 p. person)

Turkey skewers 2b, 3, 8
with pineapple, smoked bacon and sage (+€2.00 p. person)

Prawn skewers i
with ginger and coriander (+4,00€ p. person

Hot smoked salmon h
with laurel (+3,00€ p. person)

Beef steaks
with thyme and cubeb pepper (+3,50€ p. person)

Jackfruit burger  i a, a1, a4, b, k
with avocado and coriander salsa
(+€2,50 p. person) 

Small jacket potato  d
with hummus and baba ganoush
(+€2.00 p. person)

Smoked and grilled tofu   b
(+1,50€ p. person)



Please select 1 supplement

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables  g
with halloumi and herbs

Jacket potato  g
with herb curd

Would you like a little more?

additional supplement
from the selection (+1,50€ p. person)

Exchange of a main course
Rosemary potatoes 

(+€0,50 p. person)

Vegetable skewers 
with courgette, aubergine, mushrooms and peppers (+€2.00 p. person)



Please choose 4 sauces

BBQ sauce with whisky  16, j, k


Spanish aioli with green olive oil  1, 3, 9, b, f, j

Cottage cheese with rocket pesto  e, e1, e4, e7, g

Herb butter  g, j, k


Tomato butter with Nam Prik  3, a, b, g, j


Indian Mango Chutney  a, a3

Tomato ketchup  2, j


Bautz'ner mustard  j

Would you like a little more?

Additional sauces
from the selection (+1,50€ p. person)

Exchange of a sauce
BBQ sauce 
 j, k
with honey (+€0.50 p. person)

Passion fruit mayonnaise  1, 3, 9, f
(perfect with fish (+€0.50 p. person)

Pumpkin ketchup  1, 2, 3, j, k, l
with Hokkaido pumpkin (+€0.50 p. person)

Cottage cheese  e, e1, e4, e7, g
with basil pesto (+€0.50 p. person)



Please choose 3 desserts

Semolina flummery  a, a1, f, g
With cherries

Lemon sponge cake  a1, e1, f, g
with sour cream

Chocolate cake baked in a glass  16, a1, e, e1, f, g
with almonds and rum

Curd cheese mousse  f, g
with crunchy passion fruit seeds

Scarfed pineapple 
with brown sugar

Would you like a little more?

Additional desserts
from the selection (+€2.00 p. person)

Exchange of an appetiser
Chocolate cream burnt 
 f, g
with brown sugar (+€0.50 p. person)

French apple tart  3, a, a1, e, e1, f, g, l
with apricot (+1,00 € p. person)

Coconut parfait  i f, g
with papaya and kiwi (+1,00 € p. person)

Fresh strawberries  g
with whipped cream (+1,50 € p. person)

Red fruit jelly  f, g
with vanilla sauce (+1,50 € p. person)

Chocolate mousse  g
with orange oil (+1,50 € p. person)


Price per person:

from €37.00 net

including bread selection, crockery, cutlery, staff & equipment

Status: 14/03/2024*

*Prices are subject to change at short notice. As we do not wish to reduce our quality standards in the event of unforeseeable price increases for energy, goods or personnel, the above price may be subject to percentage price adjustments. We endeavour to avoid these adjustments as far as possible.

Overview of allergens

1 colourant                                    
2 Preservative 
2a Nitrite curing salt                           
2b Nitrate                                          
2c Nitrate and nitrite curing salt       
3 Antioxidant                 
4 Flavour enhancer           
5 sulphurised                               
6 blackened                                
7 waxed                                    
8 Phosphate                                    
9 Sweetener                           
10 a source of phenylalanine          
11 Caffeine                                        
12 Quinine                                         
13 Taurine                                         
14 Milk protein                               
15 Genetically modified Raw material    
16 Alcohol                                       

a Cereals containing gluten
a1 Wheat
a2 Rye
a3 Barley
a4 Oats
a5 Spelt
a6 Kamut
b Soya / soya products
c Peanuts / peanut products
d Sesame / sesame products
e Nuts
e1 Almonds
e2 Hazelnuts
e3 Walnuts
e4 Cashew nuts
e5 Pecan nuts
e6 Brazil nuts
e7 Pistachios
e8 Macadamia (Queensland nut)

f Eggs / egg products
g Milk / milk products
h Fish / fish products
i Crustaceans / crustacean products
k Celery / celery products
j Mustard / mustard products
l Sulphur dioxide / sulphites
m Lupine / lupine products
n Molluscs / mollusc products
f Eggs / egg products